With the overarching goals of promoting our Sister City partnership and uniting our world, the San Diego-Perth Sister City Society focuses on making connections through education, arts, culture, and economic development. We believe in an international environment of peace and cooperation that welcomes all races and creeds and promotes the acceptance of diversity. Fostering this environment helps cultivate leadership and communication skills to break down the misunderstandings that often lead to conflict.

Our specific programs are designed to help develop a lifelong global perspective in our community’s young people, expand our city’s influence on the national and international stages, and boost our local economy – all in service of the larger goal of creating a more peaceful world.




Education providing exchange possibilities through the educational system.



Creating a fun community! - San Diego Festival – “North Park Celebrates Australia Day” 1st Inaugural – January 26, 2019

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Whether you’re a business or individual, youth or adult, teacher or student, with the San Diego-Perth Sister City Society you have an unprecedented personal reach into global affairs and the opportunity to touch the lives of people around the world.

As a volunteer, you’ll play an important and pivotal role in helping us to organize crucial activities and events that encourage international cultural understanding and help maintain the bonds between our two cities.

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