Australia Day in North Park

Australia Day 2020 was an amazing celebration which managed to raise $1,200 for our Sister City in Perth for Bushfire Relief. Perth was so appreciative of all we were able to do. Way to go!!

Special thanks to Martin Krumming  for his tireless efforts to get us out to the media; to Clyde Ramm for representing the San Diego-Perth SCS so ably on KUSI (including playing the didgeridoo); to Claudia and David for the red collection boxes and acrylic stands, to Ozzie for arranging the Aussie pies for PopPie at Hess, printing flyers, quizzes, etc., and finally, repurposing our T-shirts; Barbara for set-up at Hess and getting balloons out to all three sites, and so the list goes on! To all of you present on Saturday – what can I say – you were all marvelous and kept the party going right through to the end

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